ISO Process Automation & Enterprise Mobility (Smart Phones & Tablets)

The business houses who go for ISO Certification land up having not more than all their business processes documented and well formulated and well archived. In 2004, I was working for an export house who was getting ISO certified those days. I did not have much exposure there and I have barely any idea on what I learnt there then.

But I am now sure that there is no dynamic software which takes care of complete enterprise mobility of all ISO processes.

Hurray!!! I found a blue ocean.
Let’s device a blue ocean strategy for it.

A week of 2019 has passed OR A new first week has begun with today being first MONDAY

It’s been a week since the beginning of the new year and I have not been able to keep upto the commitments, goals and checklists I have made since the last week of 2018. I must say that the book “52 Mondays” that I read last week made me think great of who I am not because of who I am but because who I now want to be.

Its just mere some 52 weeks that promise me of changing my life.
And I am in for it.
And it’s possible. Because books have done wonders even before in life whenever I have committed to them.

The last book that my life was “Every Street Is Paved With Gold by KIM WOO CHOONG”.
It did gave me insights into the life & vision style of a successful, self-made Korean Entrepreneur.
This was like in my tenth grade in 1994.

I now like after 25 years want a complete transformation in my life.
And I am not gonna leave any stone unturned for it.

I start today as the first week of the year 2019 and kiss my first Monday.
A lot more after 9:00 PM.

Monday 01 – Define Success & A Method To Keep Myself Motivated

The Week 01, is all about establishing momentum for the coming year.
My key tasks this week is to:
1. Establish My Goals
2. Choose a Method To Keep Myself Motivated.

For the above 2 tasks I have to:
1. I decide and I announce that:
1.1 I want to achieve command over PHP, Python, Ruby & Java
1.2 I want to publish 12 books
1.3 I want to complete 56 SlideShares on various MBA topics
1.4 I want to establish my dot com agency – Webcom Studio
1.5 I want to learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and InDesign
1.6 I want to publish 1 Kinetic Typography Video A Month
1.7 I want to master at-least 365 Book Summaries

And a method to keep you motivated:
2. Methods to keep motivated
2.1 Post notes about Goals where I would see them everyday
2.2 Work and check with like minded folks
2.3 Celebrate every small victory
2.4 Zero Procrastination
2.5 Talk to myself and prepone stuff
2.6 Waste not a nickel of time
2.7 Keep myself busy with my goals all the time.

Making MBA Capsules

I was working on creating MBA podcasts on YouTube for my free MBA Education venture. But I failed at getting VC funding and I had to give up. I still kept the dream alive. It struck me that instead of doing YouTube videos, I can do slides.

Why SlideShare is more better?
1. I can afford it.
2. It will help vernacular medium students a lot
3. It would be like a pic book for them
4. Students can learn at their own pace
5. They can go ahead from one lesson to another at the speed they want
6. They can start from where they stopped
7. This project will now go ahead of the prototype phase
8. I can afford to burn he candles at both the end
9. The audience reach is huge now
0. I can create 1 capsule a day