2019 – The C Programming Language

Just opened the book – The C Programming Language written by Kernighan & Ritcihe.
Its the first book on C Programming Language.
The ToC reads that there are only 8 chapters in the book.

According to me, the first 4 chapters are a cake walk.
This is the first book of my reading list of 2019.
I will complete this book in this month.

CodeCanyon.net & WP Plugins – you simply rock

I was googling here and there and found that theres a lots of PHP & WordPress stuff on SEO, Project Management, CRM, HR and Personal Management already available.

To my super surprise, a search on SEO term led to 823 results.
You may look here for yourself.

I am still highly motivated to code my design & UX.
Lets see.

Lets fork WordPress

I have been using WordPress ever since its first release and in really deep love with it. I have been brainstorming since morning & last night about what I have to look for in my next project for year 2019. And plan accordingly.

The new thought says let’s do a CMS itself. And I am planning to fork WordPress.
Or maybe I will write a new one from scratch.
Whatever first I need to decide what tool & technology I will be using.
Java / DOT-NET / PHP / Python / Ruby — I don’t know what.

First task is to choose the tool.
And master it.

550,000 new websites a day are made

According to the Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Survey there are 1,805,260,010 (over 1.8 billion) websites. Yes, the Internet is very big. However, most of those websites get almost no visitors.

Approximately 380 new websites are created every minute! However, the actual number of new websites being created every day is probably a little more.

Feature #1 – DMT

DMT = Digital Marketing Tools

01. Upload a list of keywords in Excel or CSV format
02. Alternatively paste all your keywords in one big text-box or key it in here
03. Enter the name of your dot com
04. Choose the search engines you want to monitor
05. Enter the names of your competitors website
06. Click Start & watch progress
07. The SaaS will fetch all website pages and check each’s ranking on each mentioned search engine for each keyword
08. The SaaS will check the competitors websites ranking as well for each mentioned keyword
09. *The SaaS will parse competitors website & fetch keywords from there as well
10. *It will check the SERP for all competitors keywords
11. *It will recommend new keywords to you for your website
12. It will show a periodic graph of ups and downs of your SERP rankings

This main feature will be given free of cost and on registration basis.