Something that everyone will love

Of all the concepts I could gather, I was in love with the following five:
1. Digital Marketing Tools
2. Chat Bots
3. Enterprise Mobility (ISO)
4. Teaching eBusiness transformation
5. Making Tuxedo App

I think I will go ahead with the first one – Digital Marketing Tools.

Digital Marketing Tools

In 2007, I had single handedly created a SEO BOT, which would accept 1000’s of keywords & key-phrases and show you your Google Rank for each of the keywords. It was like some 15 lines of Ruby code and some Ruby Gems.

Today after 11 years, I am having the urge to repeat my feat and do it way bigger and way better.
I want to deliver the only SEO tool the world would need.

On some thinking I have decided to make it SaaS and not anything else.
I am planning to take it ahead in either Ruby / PHP or Python.

Writing the specs today.

Teaching eBusiness transformation for free

I was working on the marketing aspect of my digital agency and to my surprise I was not getting enough traction of any kind. And I almost gave up. I tried finding contacts from, Google Maps, Mumbai Exporters Database, but there was no fire response.

But I had to see ahead and now plan something highly aggressive marketing strategy.

I decided to not only change my approach but also change my branding and change my product.
Now I position myself as an individual running 1 man show.
Now I don’t send mass mail product & services pitch.
Now I don’t sell services at all.
Now I sell a dream. eBusiness transformation dream.
Now I teach for 1 hour full free about how to transform your business into an eBusiness
Now I let people learn and understand about all stages & all possibilities
Now I let people learn for free & buy services if they want to

Steve Jobs once said that “People have to be educated about the product and if they need it.”
I have followed the same.

Buying some cool domain names

Just found a domain name which is cooler than the coolest.
Almost dying to buy it.
But rules made is rules made.
No more domain names.

Will stay alive with only 5 domain names:
3. web****
5. scope 2 buy 1

ISO Process Automation & Enterprise Mobility (Smart Phones & Tablets)

The business houses who go for ISO Certification land up having not more than all their business processes documented and well formulated and well archived. In 2004, I was working for an export house who was getting ISO certified those days. I did not have much exposure there and I have barely any idea on what I learnt there then.

But I am now sure that there is no dynamic software which takes care of complete enterprise mobility of all ISO processes.

Hurray!!! I found a blue ocean.
Let’s device a blue ocean strategy for it.