Google Adsense

First the ads used to be contextual to the content on the page.
Now the ads are contextual to the user. Users past visits.
I liked the previous version of Google Adsense

Some basic insights

I have been searching for jobs especially content oriented since last 2 weeks.
I got some good opportunities and some very good.
To my surprise there are people still working on making e-learning capsules for K12.

Also people in India are looking for a complete set of training materials for:
1. English
2. Maths
3. Science

I could serve that GAP for English.
As I am starting to prepare for IIM CAT.

I gave a lot of thought to it & decided to make some venture of my own in the direction of my EclS.
EclS = Enhanced – Creative – Learning – Systems.

Before doing more videos for MBA sketching the outline of the effort on month basis is what also I have planned.

52 Mondays

Global Market Worth

Billion – $122 – eLearning
Billion – $024 – Web Design
Billion – $094 – Search Advertisement
Billion – $185 – Digital Advertisement
Billion – $592 – Advertising
Billion – $917 – IT Services

Trillion – $5.2 – Education
Trillion – $1.9 – Software
Trillion – $1.0 – Internet Software & Services