Instructional Design Style for eLearning Startup

Most of the eLearning materials on the internet and on smart-phones are video based, be it YouTube or Udemy. & India’s have a HTML & text kind of content.

I just now found that if the eLearning materials are to be made in SlideShare format, it would be great. It would help even the slowest of the learners capture his imagination better on slate.

Open Case Study – Marketing of SaaS

The startup which does not have to spend even a nickel on marketing is the one which will have a ball if they now only have a great gem product.

37Signals when did RoR, I believe they had nothing to spend for marketing. The RoR gave them a huge audience.

And that gave them a ball for the gem of a product called “”.

SaaS wins if you have a direct audience.
Make something open source, in this case a technology and charge for the SaaS product.

Open Case Study – WordPress v/s WiX is a proprietary service which has – equity of $4.5 billion and an annual revenue is $558.1 million.
Wordpress is an open source system which is not listed and has an annual revenue of only $7.6 million.

Though WordPress now powers 30 percent of the web they don’t have a concrete business model.
At the same time: Wix’s prices start at $5.00 monthly for the Connect Domain plan. Wix goes up to $35.00 a month if you opt for the Business VIP upgrade. When creating an online store, Wix’s fees are at least $20.00 per month. An ad-free site costs $120.00 a year.

Case Study says – its easy now to have closed source business models.
Do a SaaS, don’t do a FOSS.

The pioneers of SaaS are worth: $10.2B annual income. (read

Code is Poetry.

You can’t make money in Tech business if you are not a techie of a great kind.
You can’t make products whichever Open Source or Proprietary, if you don’t know yourself to code.
You can’t make name and fame in Sports, without being a sportsman.

Code is Poetry. I wanna be a poet.

Plans ahead for 2019

I intend to write all the 7 nodes of the last pillar called Education.

The 7 nodes are:
1. EDU CMS (Content Management System)
2. EDU LCMS (Learning Content Management System)
3. EDU ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
4. EDU ECLS (Enhanced-Engaging-Electronic Creative Learning System)
5. EDU SOCIAL (AI based Dynamic Social Network)
6. EDU KRP (Knowledge Resource Planning)
7. EDU iCRM (iNtelligent Civilian Resource Management)

I will be mastering Python, some UI stuff & smartphone stuffs.
My roll out won’t be FOSS. (I have my reasons.)